Outdoor Warning System

Sirens are sometimes used as part of an integrated warning system that links sirens with other warning media, such as the radio and TV Emergency Alert System, NOAA Weather Radio, telephone alerting systems, Cable Override and wireless alerting systems in the United States.


This integrated approach enhances the credibility of warnings and reduces the risk of them being dismissed as false alarms by corroborating the warning messages through multiple media outlets.


What you need
to know:



  • Siren will be tested the first Wednesday of each month
     at 1:00 p.m.
    (Unless severe weather is forecast for our area)

  • Test will last around (1) one minute.

  • In an emergency - siren will sound for (3) Three Minutes.

  • In an emergency - the siren will repeat several times.

  • In an emergency - take shelter immediately

  • In an emergency - tune to TV - Radio - Weather Radio
    to find out further instructions.

  • Have a plan for your family - Don't wait until it's to late.



Do you know the difference between a Watch & Warning? Click on the image to expand the image.

The City of Flatwoods through the work of Engineer Nick Dickens of the Flatwoods Fire Department has received grants for three sirens from the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security. 


The first siren was installed by Tranqulian Pool, the second siren is installed on Deschum Street by the City Garage, and the third siren is installed by the Nazarene Church at the intersection of Bellefonte Road and Caroline Road just down from Mark Street. Thanks to 911 Director Buford Hurley II and the Greenup County E-911 Center for installing the sirens & activating them when needed. 


All three sirens are installed and operational. More testing will be done to determine if more sirens are needed to properly cover all of Flatwoods. 

Listen to the siren sound here. -
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